A graduate from the École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Anne Di Crescenzo, aka Cressanne, is a multidisciplinary artist. Upon completion of her training, she started a career as a costume designer – stylist and began working for the Yves Saint-Laurent fashion house. Here, she would have the privilege of seeing the famous fashion designer accessorise outfits for his collection: “this very striking moment was a real lesson in colours that [she] still adheres to today”. She then extended her knowledge and professional skills by completing various projects as a freelance graphic designer, artistic director or even TV scriptwriter. It was only at the end of the 1990s that her passion for painting would return to stir the artist who since then has dedicated herself fully to the development of her artistic projects.

Set up in the commune of Saint-Ouen, Cressanne divides her time between personal creation and teaching. In 2010, she was involved in a scenography
project for the new Archaeology Museum in Vendeuil-Caply. The painter drew in situ many frescos that would adorn the walls of the museum for its first year
in existence. Conceived from many techniques used on their own or mixed together, Cressanne’s work is organised around two great ensembles, namely
movement and colour. The defining point of the important dynamics that absolve themselves of each of her creations, the work on the curves and
corporal gestures is for a permanent inspiration for the artist. Fed by her many years learning dance, with the point of her paintbrush, her knives or even her fingers, today she pursues the expression of this vitality.

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Le Chignon Le Chignon Размер: 24x24 /с учетом паспарту Цена: 35 900 руб.
Mains dans les poches Mains dans les poches Размер: /с учетом паспарту 18x18 Цена: 19 900 руб.
Burning head Burning head Размер: 100х80 Цена: 295 000 руб.
WAOUHH WAOUHH Размер: 44x44 / с учетом паспарту Цена: 59 900 руб.
Let me know Let me know Размер: 44x44 / с учетом паспарту Цена: 59 900 руб.
Si vite Si vite Размер: 32x32 / с учетом паспарту Цена: 45 900 руб.
Jeu de ballon Jeu de ballon Размер: 18x18 /с учетом паспарту Цена: 19 900 руб.
Quelqu'un m'explique Quelqu'un m'explique Размер: 18x18 /с учетом паспарту Цена: 19 900 руб.